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domenica 16 marzo 2014

Il Papa Emerito Benedetto XVI critica l'intervista di Francesco su "Civiltà Cattolica"

Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. wrote an extensive critical commentary on the controversial interview of Pope Francis in the Jesuit magazine Civiltà Cattolic a 19 September 2013.
This was disclosed by his personal secretary and Prefect of the Papal Household, Archbishop George Gänswein  in the context of a broadcast on ZDF on the first anniversary of the election of Pope Francis. Four pages include the critical remarks to that controversial interview. Pope Francis explained himself at the time to the criticism that he is not taking a position on abortion and "gay marriage": "We can not always deal with the issue of abortion, homosexual marriage, and birth control methods. That can not be."  Among the enthusiastic omissions  of atheist Eugenio Scalfari about the personal conscience as the final instance, he said affirmatively: "Listening to the conscience and  obeying it actually means to choose a thing known in the face of good or evil. And from this decision it depends on whether our actions are good or evil."
When Francis. gave to Benedict XVI the copy of the Jesuit magazine, the interview was already published.  Benedict underwent  a critical  analysis of the interview to a critical and transmitted to his successor the desired criticism "Pope to Pope," a total of four pages with "interesting" comments. What criticism Benedict XVI. directed to the interview, isn't  known to Archbishop Gänswein "naturally".
Archbishop George Gänswein told ZDF television interview:

    "When Father Spadaro had  then given the first copy of the interview booklet to  Pope Francis, Pope Francis had then given it back and said that you should now bring this to Pope Benedict, and you see the first page after the table of contents is empty because he should, Pope Benedict should write in anything he has to criticism when he reads it, and then pass on to me or back to me, which I then returned, sorry, I then brought it to Pope Benedict, so now I have to but quoted what Pope Francis had said, so you see the Holy Father, here is a blank page, and here all are considerations, all criticisms, enter all the suggestions, and then I will return the packet back to Pope Francis. Three days later he says to me, here I have 4 pages, of course not by hand, but now dictated to  sister, in a letter and please give this letter to Pope Francis. He has done his homework. So then he says he has read it and has accommodated his  successor's request and had confirmed in fact, yes we say so, some considerations and also made some comments on certain statements or on specific issues, which he means  that,    perhaps what he would have said something elsewhere in addition.  Of course I will not say what, but it was interesting."

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