....Nel Cristo Dio fatto uomo , troviamo il sostegno per la nostra debolezza e le risorse per raggiungere la perfezione. L'umanità di Cristo ci rimette in piedi , la sua condiscendenza ci prende per mano , la sua divinità ci fa giungere alla méta....


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sabato 11 gennaio 2014

Un prete tedesco annuncia in televisione di aver violato la promessa di celibato avendo una figlia

A Celibacy Breaking Careerist Senses a Change in the Winds?

 Oberhaid / Ludwigsburg (Catholic news / CBA). Stefan Hartmann (59), a Catholic priest since 2001 in the Franconian Oberhaid wants to publicly confess on Friday to his 19-year-old daughter. The SWR announces on its website and refers to the talk show "Nachtcafe" at 10pm. As a guest of the program Hartmann wanted to report that "he is infinitely happy about his great daughter-friend and proud of her." The doctoral theologian additionally says of the SWR announcement that he had denied his child for years in order not to risk his Church career. "The long silence was cowardly and nothing good came of it," the priest is quoted as saying. Today, he serves the Church still, but confesses to openly living a lie, for which he begs your pardon. He was encouraged to go public by Pope Francis, says Hartmann. In addition, he was making an objective discussion of the obligation to celibacy for diocesan priests. The Pope did not want go into the solitude of the Apostolic Palace, "which can easily be as hard as the loneliness of rectories, which are often too large," says the priest. The priest emphasized that he wouldn't want to call into question the meaning of the celibate life of many priests and religious. The administration of the Archdiocese of Bamberg has been informed about the situation of the priest, said press office on request. Disciplinary consequences are not being considered at this point. Hartmann was born in Oberhausen in 1954. After studying psychology, philosophy and theology, he was ordained in 1982 in Trier, Germany. He has also served as a spa and hospital chaplain in Bad Säckingen and as university chaplain at the Catholic University Community in Vienna. Since September 2001 he has been active in the Archdiocese of Bamberg.

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